Who Has The Best CBD Products?

Who Has The Best CBD Products? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Oct 13, 2022

It is hard to believe the number of CBD products that are flooding the internet and local stores throughout the United States. While it is truly amazing that CBD is now readily available to help people with their health and wellness goals, it is important to realize that not all CBD products are created equal. 

Quality is Essential

At Life Elements, we focus on small-batch, handcrafted CBD products that are carefully manufactured in our own production facility to ensure the products meet our exact specifications and quality control standards. This is not true for all products on the market, which may be one of the reasons people tend to have such different results when integrating CBD products into their health and wellness routine. 

A few of the key factors to look for when choosing the most effective natural CBD products include:

  • Look for the Certificate of Analysis – the COA or Certificate of Analysis is provided by a third-party independent lab. This provides specific information on all the cannabinoids in the products, including if THC is present in measurable amounts. The COA is available for review on the website. Check here for our COA’s.
  • List of ingredients – at Life Elements, we provide a full listing of the ingredients for each product. This is essential for our customers to see the natural raw ingredients we choose to include in each of our formulations. You will never see any artificial or chemical ingredients common to many other products on the market today (we promise!)
  • Information on the product – we assist our customers by providing information on what the product is good for and how to use our products. This is helpful for those new to shopping with Life Elements or our loyal customers looking for specific health and wellness benefits. 

Finding quality, natural products that you can trust is never easy. Life Elements wants to make your buying process simple. Check out our website for more details on some of our wonderful products like our signature CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Face Wash, Shower Steamer and even CBD Face Serum!

We are here to help with any answers to questions you may have about our natural CBD products. Reach out to our team at 805.460.4102 for more information. We’re here to help!