Life Elements Celebrates Earth Day With Kelpful

Life Elements Celebrates Earth Day With Kelpful Collab to Craft a 100% Sustainable Seaweed & CBD Bath Bomb Soak

Kelpful sustainably harvesting Seaweed on the Central Coast, California 

ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 22, 2022 / -- Life Elements is pleased to announce that it has partnered with seaweed company, Kelpful, to create a 100% sustainable Seaweed & CBD Bath Bomb Soak in celebration of Earth Day. Both Life Elements and Kelpful share an ethos that keeps the health of the environment, the planet and its people as core business values. While, in essence, every day is Earth Day at the two companies, its anniversary is a great time to highlight their latest project, bringing further awareness to environmental stewardship.

Melissa Hanson, Co-Founder of Kelpful, raves, “I’m so incredibly stoked to collaborate on a CBD and Seaweed bath bomb for the holidays…. Combining CBD and seaweed just makes so much sense in a bath product because you get the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits of CBD plus the nutrients and skin softening from the seaweed. Of course, Martha (Van Inwegen, Founder of Life Elements) will formulate a scent that's positively transcendent, and it's just the complete package. It's everything I would ever want in a bath product.”

Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs are hand-crafted using nature-based, cruelty-free ingredients that are locally as well as sustainably sourced and come packaged in 100% bio-degradable Mushroom Packaging®. Customers can soak in the benefits from Life Elements clean and efficacious CBD Bath Bombs, then crumble the packaging into the garden or compost bins. In essence, Life Elements give users the gift of going naked with a zero-waste product made of the earth, crafted by the hand, nurtured for the body, and wrapped in a zero-waste compostable vessel to devote nutrients back to the earth.

Kelpful looks to the ocean to provide seaweed as an abundant, nutritious food source. Kelpful seaweed is sustainably wild harvested by hand at low tide and carefully dried in the sun. It is then meticulously packaged using the highest sanitation standards. It is an abundant and highly nutritious food source that needs no fertilizers, pesticides, or fresh water to grow while offering hydrating and nutritional benefits for the skin and body.

Life Elements and Kelpful have worked together before in efforts to regionally source and harvest sustainable, clean, and efficacious ingredients to produce valuable self-care products. This partnership has allowed Life Elements to incorporated seaweed into its formulations for Kelpful resulting in a seaweed centered bath bomb, sugar scrub, and face mask that can be purchased via All Kelpful and Life Elements blended products draw from nature to hydrate, soothe, and nurture our bodies while fully expressing the essence of the ocean’s beauty with a salty, citrusy, insatiable smell.

The success of past collaborations has allowed the two Central Coast companies to explore their capabilities and synergies and to mark the next level in self-care product formulation. Life Elements will be combining the superpowers of CBD with Kelpful harvested seaweed to produce the most sustainable and efficacious bath bomb to date. This limited-edition Seaweed CBD Soak will be released in early Fall and available for purchase at in time for the holiday season.

Martha Van Inwegen, Founder of Life Elements is thrilled to initiate this new project, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with a regional partner that shares the same enthusiasm for products that are good for people and the planet. Melissa Hanson and the Kelpful team are committed to the same principles with respect to eco-conservation and bringing awareness about the beauty of clean and efficacious bath, body, and skincare. Since our inception, uplifting women has always been our part of Life Elements’ business model and we are always looking for other women collaborators that are passionate about their field. The energy we share as female entrepreneurs has translated into the synergistic blend of ingredients and culture that ‘just works’. We seem to occupy the same mind space, so bringing our two companies together to create a special, limited edition Seaweed CBD Bath Bomb will elevate our customer experience.”

For more information, contact us at or phone 805-460-4102. Life Elements will provide mushroom packaging with bath bomb samples for verified media requests.

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