Press Release: Life Elements Mushroom Packaging Makes 2022 Dieline Award Shortlist

Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb Mushroom Packaging Makes 2022 Dieline Award Shortlist


Atascadero, California; May 2022 - Life Elements has been named a finalist in the 2022 Dieline Awards’ Sustainable Design category, recognized for its use of zero waste Mushroom Packaging® in a new and different way. 
Like many beauty and wellness brands, Life Elements has fully embraced Mushroom Packaging as part of the company’s mission to find the most sustainable options in sourcing clean ingredients and packaging.  At this time, it is believed that Life Elements is the very first brand to completely eliminate any kind of non- compostable material in the beauty and wellness space by combining the best CBD Bath Bombs with a zero-waste package.
Life Element’s qualifications for Dieline Awards consideration include reference to:

Sustainability – Mushroom Packaging offers a zero-waste vessel for Life Elements’ Bath Bombs with clean ingredients that are also bio-degradable.

Preservation – CBD Bath Bombs are fragile and can crack, turn to dust or absorb ambient moisture.  Once the Mushroom Packaging is grown, heated then cured, the material becomes hydrophobic, thus protecting the bath bomb from moisture, functioning as a fantastic vessel to protect the product during transit as well as further reducing fill material when shipping. 

Messaging - In line with “wabi-sabi” principles, the compostable wrapper surrounding the mushroom packaging was created to stand out on a retailer shelf and educate the consumer on this “funky packaging” that intrinsically imbues a sense of natural beauty, quality, and purpose. 

Presentation – The wrapper provides information on each unique product SKU as well as educational content on both sides. The “back” of the wrapper provides composting ideas for proper disposal.
Life Elements Natural CBD Products business model and mission has eliminated 85% of plastic from its collections, hugely reducing its carbon footprint. In addition to adopting the most aggressive conservation commitment using mushroom packaging for its wildly heralded CBD Bath Bomb Collection, other eco-conscious efforts include the creation of Life Elements Refillable program, the use of compostable stand-up bags, and the significant switch to Eco Smart® tubes eliminating 98% of virgin plastic with this transition.
Martha Van Inwegen, President and Founder of Life Elements, affirms, “We feel our adoption of mushroom packaging will be a game changer for Life Elements as well as a step towards ecological accountability for the beauty and wellness industry.  We are thrilled to be make the Dieline 2022 Shortlist and while we are hopeful to be a winner, we look forward to continuing our efforts to champion sustainable projects that benefit people and the planet.”
Since 2012, Dieline has honored the world’s absolute best packaging design and creatives and out of almost 1700 entries, Life Elements ranked the highest in its respective category to make the 2022 Dieline Awards Shortlist.  Final winners will be announced May 23rd on the Dieline site with a ceremony at HOW DESIGN LIVE.

About Life Elements

Established in 2006, Life Elements has curated, formulated, and manufactured an award-winning collection of health and wellness creations including handcrafted skincare, hair, bath and body products. Using nature-based ingredients sourced for their nurturing as well as eco-friendly properties, the Life Elements brand advocates for a sustainable planet, enriched minds, healthy bodies, and positive vibes. Founded in Atascadero, California, Life Elements is a minority and woman owned business homegrown in the United States.

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