Kermit said it best: It isn’t easy being green. Sustainability is a complex 3D puzzle with no easy answers. That said, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made in reducing our carbon footprint (especially our mushroom packaging), eliminating waste, and prioritizing the wellness of earth’s future. Here’s a look at our commitment in action:

Packaging Material

In any of our shipments, you might find “fill” material to keep your items protected on their perilous journey to your mailbox. All fill is recyclable or compostable.

Packing Peanuts

Surprise! They are NOT styrofoam—they’re starch, made from corn, and biodegradable. They also dissolve in water. Try it! (Especially fun for kids because #science.)

CBD Bath Bombs

Say it with us: Fungi is fun! Our Bath Bombs feature Mushroom® Packaging. Mushroom Packaging is special for its zero-waste ways, hyper light carbon footprint, and 100% compostable nature.

Brown Bags

They’re compostable! Just peel off the label and toss the bag in your home compost or recycling. Rejoice in sustainable joy.

Silver Bags

These bags from the Refillable Collection are Mylar—not recyclable but, they have a low CO2 footprint and break down in months as opposed to centuries, (like it's evil twin, plastic.) Toss in your garbage or, even better, keep for travel.


Recyclable, and can be used for-ev-er if you order from our Refillable Collection.

Plastic Tubes

These are Eco Smart™️ containers made with an organic additive that helps plastic start to break down in days when disposed of in landfill. Complete biodegradation is between 5-10 years. Not perfect, but better than "forever." Can be curbside recycled if you clean out *completely.*

Glassine Bags

Shampoo Bars and Shower Steamers are individually wrapped and protected by glassine bags made with paper (not fossil fuels). They're curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.