Life Elements Advocates for Sustainable Agriculture in Celebration of National Farmers Day

Life Elements is a BIPOC, woman-owned, award-winning formulator of Natural CBD skin & body care products that are good for you and kind to the earth  Our formulations are rooted in the use of ancient ingredients and proprietary blends

In celebration of National Farmers Day, Life Elements and farming partner, Driftless Extracts, advocate for sustainable agricultural practices and programs.

ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 12, 2022 / -- Life Elements has aggressively committed to serve the environment by responsibly sourcing sustainable, clean, ingredients used to create the most effective and what they consider, the best natural CBD products on the market. In addition, Life Elements has actively implemented practices to reduce its carbon footprint. Eco-conscious efforts include the creation of Life Elements Refillable program3, the use of compostable stand up bags, the use of Eco Smart® vessels and the debut of mushroom packaging within its CBD Bath Bomb Collection to encourage zero waste packaging. The company understands its successful position in global markets is intertwined with their relationships with the many biodynamic and regenerative U.S. farms that grow and provide much of the raw ingredients found in Life Elements’ wellness products.

As such, Life Elements takes pride in sourcing their hemp extract and water-soluble CBD from farming partner, Driftless Extracts. Driftless Extracts is a family owned and operated farm with a heritage in producing the highest quality seeds and crops. Based in Plain, Wisconsin, Driftless Extracts uses organic, GMP, and kosher certified processes and has implemented a robust track-and-trace program resulting in the highest quality Full and Broad Spectrum CBD. Life Elements’ Founder and President, Martha Van Inwegen is pleased to work with the Driftless team, affirming, “We appreciate knowing that our hemp extract was grown organically and sustainably from a family operation.”

Driftless Extracts advocates for sustainable farming and crops that can ignite agricultural economies. Investing in hemp cultivation is one such effort. The Driftless team networks with a host of family-owned farms that produce certified organic hemp to produce cannabinoid extracts and powders as well as hemp-fiber products. Driftless is also entrenched in research, development and advocacy efforts in the hemp fiber and sustainable materials manufacturing industry. “When we originally researched Life Elements, we were immediately impressed with Curt and Martha’s ability to build a brand that practices what they preach”, says Joe Liegel, Group Product Manager at Driftless Extracts. “This is a brand led by two people that care and respect the earth deeply. They believe in our goal to develop 21st century agricultural practices that focus on soil health and sequestering carbon. “

The two organizations celebrate their shared ethos valuing quality, honesty, and service as family businesses honoring the health of the planet. On National Farmers Day, Life Elements is proud to bring awareness to sustainable agriculture and wishes to honor their relationship with Driftless Extracts and their eco-conscious efforts.

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About Life Elements
Established in 2006, Life Elements has professionally curated, formulated, and manufactured an award-winning collection of artisan, hand-crafted body, bath, and skin-care solutions that connect us with our overall mission to impact sustainability, community, and humanity. Featured in prominent media outlets including Forbes, Newsweek, Marie Claire, Refinery 29, Well + Good, and Men’s Health, Life Elements has a distinguished reputation for delivering the cleanest and most efficacious nature-based ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably, to promote overall health and wellness. Inspired by the heritage and traditions of ancient alchemists and medicinal healers, Life Elements was founded in Atascadero, California, and is a minority and woman-owned business, homegrown in the United States. Life Elements is also a founding member of Farmstead Ed and the SLO County Farm Trail, a group of like-minded agricultural partners that promote responsible consumption and purposed conservation.

About Driftless Extracts

Driftless Extracts ( is a hemp producer and processor with facilities in Lone Rock, WI and Plain, WI. Its operation is a pioneer in hemp cannabinoid ingredient production and fiber composites, and is in a unique position as a grower, researcher, processor, and supplier. Driftless Extracts works with a grower network of famers in the Driftless and Central Sands growth zones in Wisconsin to produce genetically specialized hemp for use in personal and industrial products. The company’s carefully crafted team of farmers, engineers, product production managers and soil experts have a diverse set of skills with a history of success. From agronomy to project delivery, Driftless Extracts’ hemp production crew is leveraging more than 60 years of botanical cultivation experience to provide the highest quality products direct to the food, fiber, and cannabinoid extract markets.

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