Press Release: Life Elements Announces Re-Release of Popular CBD Botanical Tinctures

Life Elements Natural CBD Products now include the re-release of their natural CBD Tinctures

Atascadero, California; May 2022 - Life Elements has re-released its popular CBD Botanical Tinctures, filling out their award-winning wellness family of nature-based topicals with premium formulations geared towards sleep, anxiety and general health. Life Elements CBD Botanical Tinctures have been well-tested and carefully crafted with years of research to create formulations focused on efficacy and palatability to enhance daily life.

When Life Elements first released tinctures as part of its CBD and Honey collection line, the brand encountered regulatory restrictions targeting ingestible CBD products. Recent studies including these findings cited by US Hemp Roundtable indicate the tide is turning with attention to safety and minimal negative side effects associated with ingestible CBD products. While navigating through the complexity of an every-changing regulatory environment has been a challenge, Life Elements is confident in their blend of focused botanicals, clean ingredients, and targeted body system profiles to balance and heal support overall health from the inside out.

Martha Van Inwegen, President and Founder of Life Elements is excited to re-release her tinctures, emphasizing, “There are many products flooding the market using essential oils and/or fillers to mask the bite of hemp extract. Our CBD Botanical Tinctures are blended with premium broad-spectrum and organic hemp-derived CBD in a very specific formula that combines our knowledge of active ingredients geared towards benefitting sleep, anxiety, and health, with a pleasing taste profile.”

The Life Elements CBD Botanical Tinctures are a family of health remedies to restore, soothe, boost immunity, and improve life for people and animals:

HEALTH BOOST - 20mg CBD per 1 ml dose | 600mg CBD per 1 oz bottle
Helps maintain homeostasis within the immune system and can help with inflammation, modulating appetite and help regulate energy throughout the body.

SERENITY BOOST - 27mg CBD per 1 ml dose | 800mg CBD per 1 oz bottle
A relaxing herbal mix of lavender and chamomile. Combined with CBD, it is a powerful stress reducer and anti-anxiety alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals.

SLEEP BOOST - 33mg CBD per 1 ml dose | 1,000mg CBD per 1 oz bottle
Relaxes the body with the help of ancient sleep remedies like Valerian and Linden root to improve sleep duration and quality without the morning “sleep hangover.”

PET BOOST – 10 mg CBD per 1 ml dose | 300mg CBD per 1 oz bottle
When used daily, this formulation supports calmness, recovery and a balanced endocannabinoid system for pets and working animals.

Life Elements CBD Botanical Tinctures may be purchased at For further information, contact our team at or phone 805-460-4102.

About Life Elements

Established in 2006, Life Elements has curated, formulated, and manufactured an award-winning collection of health and wellness creations including handcrafted skincare, hair, bath and body products. Using nature-based ingredients sourced for their nurturing as well as eco-friendly properties, the Life Elements brand advocates for a sustainable planet, enriched minds, healthy bodies, and positive vibes. Founded in Atascadero, California, Life Elements is a minority and woman owned business homegrown in the United States.

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