Press Release: Life Elements Finds Success in Asian Markets With Nature-Based Wellness Products

Life Elements® Finds Global Success in Asian Markets With New Collection of Nature-Based Wellness Products for Hong KongAtascadero, California; July 2022 – Life Elements® has expanded its partnership with Hong Kong based specialty retailer, Bekka Trading Company Limited, DBA Lollipop Garden, to supply a unique collection of bath, body, and skin-care wellness products, taking the overseas market by storm. To satiate the hunger for Life Elements creations as well as meet the ever-changing restrictions and requirements surrounding Hong Kong’s retail distribution channels, the company has developed a very specific non-CBD Collection with the same unrivaled efficacy praised within its CDB lines.
According to Lollipop Garden’s partner Christine Leung, “Life Elements creates the best, custom, high-quality skin and body care products with love and honesty. Our Hong Kong customers highly rate the products as they are natural and work so well. We appreciate the support and response to our changing retail climate so we can keep the brand in the hands of our eager clients. We absolutely love the range of products and ingredients for our new series and are thrilled to be working with the Life Elements team as a trusted partner.”
Lollipop Garden founders Christine Leung and Jill Yung, originally, inked a deal with Life Elements to provide CBD products to help improve the management and relief of dry, itchy skin based upon Life Elements highly efficacious product results. The California business is known for curating the best natural CBD products with the most effective, premium, health-minded formulations. With best of class, signature products, Life Elements has garnered awards and accolades for their use of the highest quality nature-based ingredients as well as their commitment to clean sourcing and sustainable packaging.
When China changed its rules around CBD, Lollipop Garden reached out to Life Elements to quickly adapt its product collections and meet the high demand stemming from its Hong Kong stores. Life Elements new product time to market typically takes at least 6-12 months including research, development of new formulations, distribution of samples, focused feedback, stability testing, and revised packaging. 

However, Life Elements’ proficiency in formulating and navigating the current supply chain climate allowed for a turn-around time of 2 months, enabling Lollipop Garden to get the brand’s best products on the shelves, presenting an entirely new collection with no trace of CBD (not even hemp seed oil could be used...just to make sure). The significance of this feat as well as the merit and grit shown in maintaining best quality without compromise, has shown that a U.S. small business can adapt quickly, conquer supply chain issues and compete on a global scale amidst a spirited overseas retail climate.
Founder and President, Martha Van Inwegen loves the synergy in Lollipop Garden’s partnership as well as its compounding effect on the Life Elements’ business model.  Embracing agility, fast turn-around and small batch MOQ's, she states, "I am really proud of our company's ability to formulate and manufacture a world class product line for such a prestigious overseas customer.  Our mutual respect and shared ethos not only demands the highest possible quality, but we also believe in open communication, fast decisions, trust in process and pride in product.”

About Life Elements

Established in 2006, Life Elements has curated, formulated, and manufactured an award-winning collection of health and wellness creations including handcrafted skincare, hair, bath and body products. Using nature-based ingredients sourced for their nurturing as well as eco-friendly properties, the Life Elements brand advocates for a sustainable planet, enriched minds, healthy bodies, and positive vibes. Founded in Atascadero, California, Life Elements is a minority and woman owned business homegrown in the United States.

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