5 (Easy) Sustainable Switches to Make

5 (Easy) Sustainable Switches to Make - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jan 14, 2021

Let's Talk Sustainable Switches

Nearly 70% of consumers in the US and Canada think it's important that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly. That said, there's a long way to go. The global economy has deep roots in unsustainable practices, and changing those practices is extremely difficult—especially for small businesses. We continuously (and gently) remind ourselves: "Not everything moves across the finish line at the same time." Every day we work on attainable and sustainable solutions for ourselves and our customers. Here's a few examples we have put into action:


1. Shampoo Bar 

Approximately 552 million...MILLION(!) shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year. Gross. Not to mention, most shampoos are filled with synthetic fragrance, parabens, and surfactants that wash down the drain, into the waterways, and harm marine life. (Synthetic ingredients such as parabens and fragrance have also been known to disrupt hormones in humans, and may be linked to breast cancer, depression, and infertility).  Switch to our Shampoo Bar, otherwise known as the Hair & Body Cleansing Travel Bar. It's better for you,  better for the Earth, and honestly amazing for your hair. Yes, even if it's color-treated.

2. Refillable Program 

The Refillable Program features a collection of products that are—you guessed it—refillable. Instead of re-shipping heavy glass products and contributing to the 48 billion tons of CO2 that are pumped into the atmosphere each year, we now offer items in bulk with 20% savings. This reduces your carbon footprint by weight and frequency. AKA, shipping won't be as heavy and you won't have to order as often. Savings and eco-friendly don't often go together, so we are pleased to offer this Program. Check it out here.

3. Outdoor Spray 

Nature called, and she said she'd prefer we not bring toxic chemicals into her house. This natural Outdoor Bug Spray repels bugs without DEET or alcohol. Now you can "leave it better than you found it," like Leave No Trace asks.


4. Skin Repair or Healing Honey Stick 

Add Skin Repair or the Healing Honey Stick to your medicine cabinet and ditch the petroleum products, aka: Vaseline, Aquaphor, Neosporin—the "first aid" items you use for everything from chapped lips to chafing. Aside from its ties to the oil industry and CO2 emissions, petroleum jelly does nothing to actually heal your skin; it simply seals it. However, Everyday Skin Repair or the Healing Honey Stick treats your skin like an ecosystem, helping to heal not just the affected area, but everything around it. No crude oil in this house.
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5. Waterless Beauty

Our Face Collection has multiple eco-friendly bragging points, (clean ingredients, totally vegan, ethically-sourced ingredients), but we're going to focus on one: Waterless beauty. The beauty industry wastes an extraordinary amount of water because water adds volume and texture to their products. However, by adding water they also have to add preservatives (to prevent mold). Our Face Mask and Face Wash are both activated with just a few drops of H20, which means it weighs less and is preservative-free. With water scarcity on the rise, it's a great green switch to make. 

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