Father's Day / Husband's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day / Husband's Day Gift Guide

Life Elements

Jun 16, 2020

We get it, he's got all the gizmos he needs. That's why we've created a guide comprised of gifts that he'll never see coming...and what's even better? He'll never know how much he needed them.


1. The Ache + Pain Relief Stick: "Transformative in not only my life but the lives of several family members."


2. Plant-Based Body Oil: "My macho man keeps taking my Body Oil, so I have to buy two now." 

3. Lip Goo: "My wife was not originally interested when I got it because she has one specific brand she likes but now she steals it all the time."

4. Bath Bomb: "I bought this for my husband who is a full-time woodworker after I became hooked on the 200mg product. The pine and cedar come through beautifully to envelop you in isolated hot springs bathtub epic-ness. To tackle aches and pains, there is no higher quality item than this bath bomb."

5. Sugar Scrub: "My girlfriend had this in her shower so I figured I'd try it out. (I kept trying to call it "sand scrub" but she insisted it's sugar...I guess she's right.)"