Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jun 16, 2020

Our products are efficacious for anyone and everyone, no matter the age, gender, or demographic. But if you're struggling with ideas on what to buy the ol' D-a-d (or hubby) for Father's Day, we hope this list helps. We've included testimonials from girlfriends, boyfriends, daughters, husbands, and wives who deeply appreciate the following products:

1. The Ache + Pain Relief Stick: "Transformative in not only my life but the lives of several family members." 

Pain Relief Stick


2. Plant-Based Body Oil: "My macho man keeps taking my Body Oil, so I have to buy two now." 

Plant-Based Body Oil:

3. Lip Goo: "My wife was not originally interested when I got it because she has one specific brand she likes but now she steals it all the time."

Lip Goo

4. Bath Bomb: "I bought this for my husband who is a full-time woodworker after I became hooked on the 200mg product. The pine and cedar come through beautifully to envelop you in isolated hot springs bathtub epic-ness. To tackle aches and pains, there is no higher quality item than this bath bomb.

cbd bath bomb

5. Sugar Scrub: "My girlfriend had this in her shower so I figured I'd try it out. (I kept trying to call it "sand scrub" but she insisted it's sugar...I guess she's right.)"


cbd sugar scrub


6. Outdoor Spray: "It worked better than the store-bought stuff!!! Smells better, too. Not one bite, 3 nights camping!"