Sexy New Collab with Bee’s Knees Wellness Takes Intimacy to the Next Level

Sexy New Collab with Bee’s Knees Wellness Takes Intimacy to the Next Level - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jun 18, 2023

Hi Everybody! Martha here 👋

I am very excited to share some news about a very special collaboration with Bee's Knees Wellness. It is a good one and here's the story:

How did an intimacy product I created 16 years ago put Life Elements on the map? Well…the first line I created was based on natural products for couples. This line was called C&M Couples – a luxury collection of beautiful candles, massage lotions, linen mists, intimacy towelettes, and a personal lubricant that were sold in high-end hotels and resorts as part of their “romance packages”. Back in 2006, we were way ahead of our time since most of the intimacy products back then were cheesy, made with Vaseline, sold in adult stores, or tasted like cherry cola.

Thank goodness natural ingredients are more readily accepted now!

After hearing from many of our customers and their needs over the past couple of years, I decided to create a smaller set of products to make sex more comfortable and definitely more enjoyable. This leads me to one of my latest creations – a Personal Lubricant. We went thru a very comprehensive testing phase with interested women (and men!) that led to a series of versions that culminated in this gorgeous oil-based, pH-balanced Intimacy Oil. However, due to supply chain issues at the time, we decided to hold off on the launch.

Bee's Knees natural Intimacy Oil Collab with Life Elements

But as fate would have it, one of our retail partners, Bee's Knees Wellness, heard about the product and asked to try it out. Well….They loved it, launched it, and in a very short time, it has become a great seller for them. We are proud to partner with the team behind Bees Knees Wellness and manufacture this wonderfully sensual blend for their customers. And you can buy it directly from us right here!

How to Use With CBD: It takes a few (~10) minutes for it to absorb into the CBD receptors in the vulva area to get you all tingly. Therefore, you should plan that session out by pre-lubing before the game or making foreplay last a few minutes longer before getting to the “botta bing, botta bang” session.

Ingredients: Organic Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (MCT) Oil*, Turnera diffusa (Damiana) Leaf, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Organic Cannabidiol (Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD)
If you are interested in becoming a consultant with Bee's Knees Wellness, please check out their website for Consultant opportunities and other wonderful CBD products. 
📸 credit courtesy of  We-Vibe Toys