We get the best lavender from Hambly Farms

We get the best lavender from Hambly Farms - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jul 10, 2023

The best skin and body care products are made from the freshest, natural plant-based ingredients and we are lucky to source a lot of our ingredients locally!  One of our greatest joys is connecting with growers, farmers, and small business owners that utilize sustainable, regenerative practices, and share a love for the land and its people.  We strive to reach out to a greater community that seeks this ethos through our products and practices as well as networking through local organizations such as FARMstead ED | SLO County Farm Trail (of which, we are a founding member).
According to their website, “FARMstead ED benefits our local farms and producers as an agricultural network of like-minded people. Farmers, makers, and end-consumers alike are introduced to who’s growing and making what, and where they can be found on the SLO Co Farm Trail. In many cases, these locally-grown components become locally-made products. From food sourcing for restaurants to ingredients for body care, our local farms and ranches produce top quality products that can be purchased direct from the farm, via farmers markets and local retail shops.”  The connections and subsequent relationships we have formed through this program have been priceless.
Hambly Farms Owners, Milton & Gina Hambly

When we first met the Hambly Farms family, we were “wowed” by their high-quality lavender product and equally “awed” by their commitment to farming traditions.  Milton and Gina Hambly, along with their three children are steeped in SLO heritage and deep-rooted within the Paso Robles community as the 6th generation of family members (on both sides) to embrace an agricultural lifestyle.  In 2017, Milton and Gina purchased their existing property to complement a “gap in the market” that included the production of drought-tolerant lavender crops.  "Milton, Gina, and their family are some of the hardest working, gracious and enthusiastic people we have had the pleasure of working with. The Hambly's have humbly grown their farm and created a stable of beautiful lavender-based products coming from their hard work, patience, and dedication to eco-conservation," says Martha, who gets super excited every time she gets a new delivery of freshly harvested and dried lavender.

Their first 100 plants were planted in 2019; bloomed and then harvested to produce distilled lavender essential oil, bottled lavender flower water, and harvested lavender for bundles. Since then, the Hambly’s have planted over 4,500 lavender plants on their small farm and have expanded their focus to include an agritourism U-Pick experience.  Today, the Hambly’s produce 8 different lavender varieties including culinary lavender, and sell a host of related products including sachets, a lavender salve, and lavender water to hydrate the skin. We are proud to not only utilize the Hambly’s gorgeous ingredients in our own products as well as to make a lovely collection of Bath Bombs under the Hambly Farms label.

Hambly Farms has become a valued Life Elements partner and supplier of essential oil and lavender buds. Lavender can be found in many of our products including best-sellers such as:

Our shared commitment to sourcing “clean” ingredients is matched by Hambly Farms. While the strong scent of lavender is a natural barrier to destructive creatures, the Hambly’s do not use chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides on their crops, relying on ladybugs to eat invasive insects as well as farm animals to help weed fields, fertilize, and keep predators away.  They also save water and energy from their investment in rainwater harvesting and the implementation of solar.

Gina says, “We are a young company and we are learning every day. We love Curt & Martha and we are excited to grow our SLO community together!”  Hambly Farms is easily accessible off the 101 FWY  so you can plan a visit to celebrate “all-things” lavender while taking in breathtaking Central Coast valley views. You can also purchase Hambly Farm products at https://hamblyfarms.com/shop

📸 Photos courtesy of Yvette Roman Photography, Edible SLO and Hambly Farms