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“Adventure Often, Take Care, and Do Good.” — Katie Boué, Life Elements Ambassador

Life Elements Ambassador, Katie Boué, is an outdoor advocate, public lands representative, public speaker, freelance ...

Martha & Curt: A (Gradual) Love Story

There was an instant connection, but like most good things in life, it took time. Martha, (Founder and President of L...

Five Things Only CBD Fans Understand

If you can identify with these five things, you're one of us.

Ambassador Spotlight: Creigh

Creigh "Cody" Creighton is a Life Elements Ambassador, content genius, pastry chef extraordinaire, and one of the fun...

Ambassador Spotlight: Hannah Reeves

Hannah has a way of reminding us to be grateful for the things we might take for granted; the smell of our hair after...

Tinctures...But not just any tinctures.

Natural, botanical tinctures that come from a long line of knowledge and organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD.

Six Ways Our CBD Bliss Ball™ Bath Bombs Will Leave You With Healthier Skin

They're handmade with natural, non-toxic ingredients, beacause—trust us—you don't want colorants or foaming agents i...

Five Takeaways: Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD vs CBD Isolate

We say it all the time: Ingredients Matter. Sometimes we're talking about Action Wipes, sometimes we're talking abou...

Hey Mercury, you're scaring us.

Not into astrology? Don't worry. We will make this a fun read regardless. Let's get started. According to stargaz...

FAQ | Why Use CBD? And is it Legal?

What is CBD? The CBD used in our Life Elements CBD & Honey™ Collection is derived from industrial hemp, whic...

Hemp-derived CBD – what does that mean?

“Hemp” is one of two varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. The other of course is “marijuana.” Both the hemp and m...
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